The Random Ramblings of Ron the Rover

Ronald W. Black of the Linwood Rovers

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Minchin group at Mt White

Minchin Boys at Mt White, R H Stewart, E Minnery, C H Whall, R W Black, H E Collins, A C Caldow, R J Hyde





List of Stores taken by the Minchin Party

1 oz Baking Powder
1lb Hiking Biscuits.
3lbs Rice
3lbs Flour
4 small tins Bully Beef
3lbs Sugar
1lb Dried Peaches
2lbs Butter
2lbs Carrots
1lb Onions
1lb Jam
3 l Bells Bread & ¼ Brown
1lb Bacon
¼ lb Tea & ¼ lb Cocoa
¼ lb Salt
1 tin Oxo
1 Pkt Raisins
1 tin unsweetened and 2 sweetened Condensed Milk
Peas, Plum Pudding, Saveloys & Cake (3lbs)
1 extra pair sox
Long Trousers
Japara Lumberjacket & Cap
1 extra singlet
1 shirt or football jersey
1 scarf
1 pair Sandshoes
1 pair Gloves (Leather Mitts)
1 Beret
1 Towel
Soap, Toothbrush & Comb
Sleeping Bag (Aeroplane Cloth)
2 Blankets & Pins
4 pt Billy
Matches in a bottle
Small bottle Methylated Spirits
Snow Glasses
½ Tent
First Aid Kit

Average Weight of Packs 60lbs.

As you will notice, the three pass party, had packs weighing, I should say, on average 45lbs but those on the longer trip, the Minchin, had packs ranging from 60lbs to Reg's at near 80lbs. The reason for the extra weight carried by us was that we carried food to last a fortnight with ease and three weeks if necessary. At a conservative estimate, the food alone must have weighed over 35lbs & we had each to carry ½ a hike tent (6'x4') while Reg carried the ice-axe and mountaineering rope - 100ft.