The Random Ramblings of Ron the Rover

Ronald W. Black of the Linwood Rovers

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Cover Book 9

Cover of Book 9

Part of the entry for Dec 21, 1938

Part of the entry for Dec 21 1938

Picture page for Dec 21, 1938

Picture page for Dec 21, 1938, with later newspaper insert

Samples from a Journal

These are a couple of pages from book 9 which gives a full account of the trip across the Tasman to the Australasian Jamboree in Sydney in 1938 when Ron was 22.

The cover follows the normal pattern, including the mileage for the book for each mode of transportation. This one contains a couple of errors: Firstly that "Book" and "Volume" are transposed, and secondly that Book 9 actually follows Book 7. (Either that or there is a short book missing)

The entries in this book are actually easier to read than most as the line height is bigger than some.

The photo pages in most of the journals were white cartridge paper that alternated with the lined pages. Often newspaper clippings had been added in. The one on the sample was just loose between the pages, having been clipped long after the event.